A TEDx With Soul

So, TED is coming to Ladbroke Grove. TED, the global educational platform that was founded in New York, operates in over 150 countries and boasts 3,000,000,000 views of talks online... yes, that TED! and it's coming in the form of TEDxLadbrokeGrove. We are so proud to be part of the TED family.

“TEDx events bring the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe. They are volunteer led and organized by people passionate about discovering ideas and sparking conversations in their own community” –TED

Hint: That's us!

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My first connection with Ladbroke Grove was Carnival. Nothing compares to the electric energy and vibrancy of carnival; people from all walks of lives coming together in jubilation, united through music, dance, jerk chicken and rum.

It was later in life when working for a youth charity that I went on to co-found a Foodbank in the nearby area and a few years on became part of the local community organisation Nova New Opportunities. My work with both the Foodbank and Nova have continued to expose the stark divisions in the community, the divisions that lie beneath the joyousness of carnival, beneath the gloss of Notting Hill.

The issues of stark inequality are not new to this borough, it is indeed the borough with the greatest levels of wealth disparity in the UK. It is also the borough where Grenfell happened, and it is then that people took time to stop and look – but what now?

It’s been a challenging couple of years for the community, and although it’s going to take a generation to heal, this is a community of beautiful, brilliant and resilient people. TEDxLadbrokeGrove is a legacy to those people, a legacy to the area – our vision is to grow from strength to strength year after year and to use TEDx as a platform for voices that we can learn from, those that often go unheard and to also use it as a space to bring people together.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing TEDxLadbrokeGrove to the area this year with 8 brilliant speakers from the local community, across London and beyond. Speakers who speak truth to power, challenge the status quo with new ideas, speakers who are bold, inspiring and brave.  Ladbroke Grove is a unique area - vibrant and diverse - full of character through its fusion of cultures, eclectic music, food and arts scene - our event will reflect that, this will be a TEDx with soul.

Interconnectedness: Between / Together ©2019 TEDxLadbrokeGrove

Have you guessed our theme?

As with all TEDx events, we also have theme. Under the concept of Interconnectedness our speakers will explore our links with each-other, the community, environment and technology around us. We will explore how everything is inter-dependent and what that means in today’s rapidly changing world. It will be a fully curated event of talks, activities and exhibits connecting us beyond ourselves.

Inter-connectedness: A worldview which sees a oneness in all things, with no true separation deeper than appearances.

So, it’s our first ever event and we are loving the buzz that’s already growing. Watch this space for announcements both on our speakers and ticket sales, but beware, tickets for our main event at The Tabernacle are capped at 100 (a TED licensing rule for first events) – but fear not, we will also be live streaming the event to another local venue, you could also consider hosting your very own TEDx party in the comfort of your own home, school or place of work.

That’s all for now – keep your eyes on our socials for more info and sign up to our mailing list to be the first in the know.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Aimee is the License Holder and Co-Curator for TEDxLadbrokeGrove. Along with her work at Nova New Opportunities, this event is part of her commitment to support the community.

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