Nigel Bromage: A former neo-Nazi fighting extremism in the UK

Born in Birmingham, Nigel spent twenty years in the Far Right. A former member of the National Front, British Movement and Combat 18, Nigel now dedicates his life to countering extremism and hate.

Nigel's Bromage's first-hand experience of the social and psychological tools extremist groups and activists use to identify, befriend and recruit vulnerable people into extremism and of the significant challenges and risks facing those exiting those groups gave him unique experience which he used to found Small Steps Consultancy in 2015.

In 1981, when I was only 15, I joined the far-right group Birmingham Against the IRA. Watching the IRA killings on TV made me furious. One day after school, I was handed an anti-IRA leaflet; it asked a very simple question: ‘Do you think terrorism is right or wrong?’ I thought, ‘This is my chance to fight back.’ It was patriotic and made me proud of being British. I later found out that the group was part of the National Front (NF).

Small Steps raises awareness of extremism and provides a supportive exit-strategy for people wanting to leave extremist involvement; as well as training for local frontline professionals, teachers and community leaders to identify and intervene in cases where there may be a vulnerability to extremist ideology.

Nigel has also worked for local and central Government mapping geographic and demographic areas at risk of rising tension caused by inequality, a lack of cohesion and increasing extremist influence. As well as providing 1:1 mentoring for individuals vulnerable to radicalisation and has supported indoctrinated individuals out of exploitation and manipulation by extremist groups.

Nigel is currently one of six specialist advisers for Siddiq Khan, Mayor of London, providing independent guidance on the countering violent extremism programme.  Last year, Nigel was also a Commissioner on the Greater Manchester, Tackling Hateful Extremism and Promoting Social Cohesion Commission which was set up by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, in response to the attack on Manchester Arena in March 2017.

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