Linett Kamala: Artist, Educator & Champion of Community Arts

From setting up one of the UK’s first graffiti art companies, leading on system-wide change of school leadership in England, to serving as director for Notting Hill Carnival, the world’s biggest community led event, Linett Kamala has dedicated her life to encouraging others to use the Arts and education to inspire, heal and transform.

Her passion for enriching the lives of others through art, well-being and education by collaborating on creative projects with numerous organisations spans over 30 years.

Kamala was born in Harlesden, London U.K., as the youngest of 6 children to Jamaican parents, who originally settled in London’s Notting Hill area during the 1950s. As a disruptive child she found solace through the visual arts, painting her first mural on the wall of her local youth club.

In the 1980s whilst still at school, Kamala became one of the first girl DJs at the Notting Hill carnival and after 34 years, is not only still a member of the same static soundsystem, but now serves as Board Director for the event.

One of Kamala’s stand out community initiatives was setting up the South Kilburn Studios, which gave early stage support to many creatives including chart topping band Clean Bandit. The South Kilburn Studios formed the basis of a successful pitch by Brent Council to be named the 2020 London Borough of Culture.

Kamala has also quietly influenced change within the U.K. education system helping staff and students achieve excellence in schools facing significant challenges. As a founding cohort member of The Future Leaders Headship programme in 2006 and speaker at numerous education events, she helped to shape various government policies of the view that ‘every child’ is entitled to a quality education provision regardless of their background and with the right support can be helped to reach their full potential.

In 2016, after 16 years of successful senior leadership in schools and whilst at top of her profession as an executive, Kamala made the decision to spend more time focusing on developing her artistic practice. Her on-going project ‘State of Education’ uses art in a therapeutic way to address the challenges faced by those who involved in schools, merging collage with expressive hand script; a style which she refers to as ‘freestyle calligraffiti’.

Her typical week is a mixture of painting in her London studio, working on various art education consultancy assignments, running her own leadership programme for teachers aspiring to be senior leaders and inspiring the next generation of artists through her work as an art educator.


Instagram: @linett_kamala

Twitter: @linett_kamala

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