Lee Lawrence, Social Change Advocate in Pursuit of Truth

Lee is an inspirational speaker, influencer and social change advocate. Using a reconciliatory approach with his personal experiences and background, he speaks and performs with a strong message of inspiration. 

Actively involved in societal development, consulting with the Metropolitan Police Service, he helps to improve the way police engage with their local communities. Working as a consultant, he also assists the Inquest Family Reference Group with their mission of wider support for bereaved families.

He is also a confident participator on the media platform and has made many impactful TV appearances.  His notable interview on Channel 4 with Simon Israel and Jon Snow alongside, a BBC News interview, has allowed Lee to engage in national informative discourse, as well as addressing key presentations like Cambridge University; Impington Village College Cambridge; R F Kennedy Human Rights Organisation; Goldsmiths University; Harris Academy; Rockmount Primary school and the National Fostering Agency.

Lee is committed to sharing his story, providing a voice and inspiring those underrepresented by society in a mission to help marginalized people find their voice, manage conflict, and overcome injustice.

At the age of 11, Lee witnessed his mother Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce unlawfully shot by a member of the Metropolitan Police Service; leading to the Brixton Riots in 1985. This resulted in his Mother’s life-changing physical injuries, which led to a permanent disability. After his Mother’s passing, Lee dedicated his time to regaining justice.

In 2014, an inquest begun into his mother’s death regarding the connection to the early shooting.  After the denial of Legal Aid, Lee instigated a successful campaign for justice supported by the General Public. He managed to obtain over 133,000 petition signatures. In 2016, Lee also founded the Cherry Groce Foundation; a tribute to his late mother. The Cherry Groce Foundation exists to enhance the wellbeing and promote inclusion to individuals with a physical or mental impairment. The charity is committed to supporting and working in partnership with clients, carers, disadvantaged groups, voluntary organisations and the wider community.

Inspired by the many challenges his mother experienced, Lee also created the company Mobility Transport Ltd in 2014, with the aim to aid those whom would otherwise struggle to live their daily lives.

Lee is a passionate advocator of mediation and restorative justice. This is his area of expertise; he embraces social challenges and the impact that these have on the individual, lending his own experiences to others with the aim of empowerment to all, for which he was awarded the Windrush Silent Hero’s Award in 2015.

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